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218/365 (01.04.12) on Flickr.

Surprisingly FREE flu shot today!

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So I went outside with my mom at like 11:30 to drip the spigots since it was supposed to be in the teens & I slipped on my letterman’s jacket from HS & found a Gwinnett Gladiators’ Chuck-a-Puck in the pocket. Lucky me.

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Sister had to work so we rung in the new year at her work!

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Ending the year with Scattergories (I won!!).

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Pretty day for a run.

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212/365 (12.29.11) on Flickr.

So I started back with this show after a much needed break. I do like Yang & Owen, but I really just miss Addison. :/

211/365 (12.28.11) on Flickr.

Super trail run!! 10.5miles!

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