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37/365 (07.07.11)

AM class & research afternoon. That was the extent of my day. Tired after being off for so long and the rain just adds to the schleepiness. I’m going to go watch Casper now (since I didn’t get to it last night).

10/365 (06.10.11)

Umm… so I hung out at the pool all day today, but none of those pictures trumped this gem I came across in my parking lot before I left for lunch. Wow, just wow.

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7/365 (06.07.11)

So I was on my way to the store & dinner when this happened. I did however change my first tire all by myself (which was rather exciting & whatnot (even though in the end I’m going to have to buy a new tire)).┬áThen I got home to shower & as I am getting out the fire alarm sounds (for reals, no drill)… so let the nakedfiretimes commence!

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