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In comes the #rain.


205/365 (12.22.11) on Flickr.


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106/365 (09.14.11) on Flickr.

I made it home before the rain came pouring down despite getting stopped by 13/16 red lights (2 of the non-red lights were yellow). Love the rain.

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97/365 (09.05.11) on Flickr.

It has rained the last 3 days non-stop (and I don’t want it to end).

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62/365 (08.01.11) on Flickr.

Finally made it to the beach and made it in right before the rain came. We saw the clouds move in & the rain pour. It was really nice to sit on the porch and hear the waves and rain. SO relaxing, for sure. (We also watched The Tourist with AngJolie & JDepp, minimally marginal).

40/365 (07.10.11) on Flickr.

Panera study session & some runtimes. Its been raining the past 3 hours. I had a picture of my cinnamon crunch bagel (FO FREE), but it was blurry and weird looking so this is its replacement… a blurry drain. You’re quite welcome.

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37/365 (07.07.11)

AM class & research afternoon. That was the extent of my day. Tired after being off for so long and the rain just adds to the schleepiness. I’m going to go watch Casper now (since I didn’t get to it last night).

29/365 (06.29.11)

So I made it in to Savannah tonight after about 2 & a half hours of driving. Only rained a little bit which was nice. My grandma treated me to some great seafood tonight! =] She was also super excited about all the rain I brought with me (so much so that she had to go check the bucket in the backyard to see how many inches we had gotten while at dinner). Ok I’m done now because I think I’m ganking some internets from some lady way down the street because I can’t move the computer otherwise I loose it.

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