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My loves. New&Old.

Driving driving driving bored driving. (Taken with Instagram)

Graduations spanning 20 years. Kindergarten to Graduate School.

Pre-Hooding Ceremony!! YAY c/o 2012!! Its been a long journey with these kids!! =]

If you were curious, they just honk back!

Someone said this is the highest point in Gwinnett? Not sure.

Honeysuckles, perhaps?

Found a tiny stream. =]

My little friend from my trail run today! >.<

I just want to

lie in with you tangled on the couch reading separate books with the TV on mute.  I want my head to count your breaths as it rises and falls on your chest. I want you to make me wait until you finish the page you’re reading for me to steal a kiss.  When you are excitedly telling me the fascinating story from your day, I will make you repeat it because I got distracted merely by your presence. I want to wake up 4 hrs later in the same position with tingly extremities from a lack of circulation. I smile when you smile at me knowing it is endless.