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121/356 (09.29.11) on Flickr.

Monkeys Riding Dogs at the Tupelo Fair!?!?! Does it get any better than that?

118/365 (09.26.11) on Flickr.

Work then run. TheEnd.

Elvis’ Birthplace.
Tupelo, MSĀ 

105/365 (09.13.11) on Flickr.

I did the whole touristy thing after work since we got finished early. Went to see Elvis’ birthplace… and of course there was a tour bus of old people, of course.

98/365 (09.06.11) on Flickr.

Had a decent run today since it feeling AMAZING outside, that nice cold lung feeling. =]

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84/365 (08.23.11)

Another day down. This is the park I have been running at (and where most of my recent pics have been taken). Didn’t come out super well since it was overcast and like 7pm. Meh.

82/365 (08.21.11) on Flickr.

I really did not do much this weekend, but I promise I did more than read outside.

79/365 (08.18.11) on Flickr.

Went running again at the park after work today. It was such a nice day with an amazing breeze so I just sat in the shaded grass after my run (4-5miles).

75/365 (08.14.11) on Flickr.

I made it. All 325.3 miles. I’m SO nervous about tomorrow. >.<